Driftpad Desk Protector
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Driftpad Desk Protector

  • $ 995
  • Save $ 300

The latest Driftpad is a super thin desk-protecting, diorama-enhancing parking lot for your collection. The street texture on the top side is the slickest low-friction surface we have ever produced. Using Micro Asphalt technology, your cars can now pull perfect drifts around your desk. One side is a low-friction parking lot texture, reverse side is inspired by the popular Shibuya Crossing in Japan. Measuring 16 inches by 12 inches, the parking lot texture has ample parking for 12 of your best 1:64 scale vehicles.

Note: the drifting footage below uses a modified car and track using magnets. It is a very advanced build, and you won't be able to replicate it. Prove us wrong on Instagram.



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