Driftpad 4.1
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Driftpad 4.1

  • $ 2595

Driftpad 4.1 represents the pinnacle of Hot Wheels drifting. This product measures approx 32" long (plus launch ramps) by 14" wide by 3" tall. Four large adjustments bolts that let the user tune the track for perfect tail-out drifts. With dual launch ramps (also compatible with orange track) you can now do tandem drifts.

Successfully funded on Kickstarter in February 2016, the product is now publicly available. The Driftpad product has been featured on Gizmodo, Popular Mechanics, and many other news outlets.

Cars in video not included. Orange track in video not includes. Driftpad 4.1 ships with two white/red launch ramps seen in video.

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