Diecast Driftpad
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Diecast Driftpad

  • $ 1095

This is the new plastic edition with realistic autocross track graphics. Made in USA from recyclable corrugated plastic with MicroAsphalt technology. Contains 6 adjustable bolts for ultimate drifting action. Cars not included. Orange track not included. Orange track may be added by experienced users as a launch ramp as seen in the videos.

The Driftpad from TYOTOYS represents the pinnacle of die cast drifting. The track is entirely gravity powered and leverages a slick surface and a few contours that help put the car into a controlled slide, and catch it on the down ramp to complete "perfect tail-out drifts" as described by Popular Mechanics.

Driftpad measures approx 18" x 9.5" and includes the 6 adjustable bolts.

Driftpad is a game of skill! Not all cars work the same and you will need practice!

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