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Intermodal Coffee Table Wrap

  • $190.00

A 48" coffee table can be purchased at any Fedex location for around $10. The box is made of sturdy double-wall corrugated cardboard and is used to ship golf clubs to your favorite course. But it will be a boring brown color with some FedEx branding.

The adhesive vinyl wrap sold by TYOTOYS transforms the shipping box into a miniature intermodal shipping container. The price listed is for the vinyl only, you will need to purchase the box itself from FedEx and wrap the box yourself. We are only selling the vinyl.

Measures 48" x 15" x 15". Applying the adhesive vinyl is not easy and it is recommended you practice the process and research best practices, or hire a sign shop to apply properly. Once applied, it won't come off easily and you will ruin the box surface as well as the adhesive when trying to pull it off.

  • Assembly required!
  • Price includes 5 sections of vinyl adhesive (1x top, 2x side doors, 2x long sides)
  • The box itself is sold separately from FedEx locations
  • This product is not metal, it is an adhesive vinyl wrap that the buyer needs to install on a cardboard box


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